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Infrastructure and System Management

Infrastructure and System Management

In working together with our Clients, Triusaha can perform an analysis to each of the primary operating environments. This analysis done will be the basis for the creation of their Operating Environment Profiles. As from our strategic alliances with IBM, SUN, Dell, Microsoft, Oracle, ShowCase, Hyperion as well as from other partners (Brand leaders), we are able to have access of their vast resource capabilities and support centers throughout the world. Our Strategic IT consulting is applicable for every industry sector-large or small, whereas it is available at a reasonable cost and our methodologies are highly proven. As being a technology provider, we are able to provide our clients with a complete IT planning for them to meet that is not only can meet with the business needs but also scalable and feasible for their tomorrow's IT.

Top e-Business Solution

e-Business Solution

Our Software Application Development group offers comprehensive approaches and services to help build an agile enterprise. We have dealt with various Software Application Developments with existing disparate systems which uses multiple applications in different languages and platforms. This includes the integration of disparate application and reduction of business process cycle time. We always focus to Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Performance Management (BPM) Solution, a new term that denotes a process-centric, holistic approach to business decision making that is intended to improve the capability of a business to gain insight and manage its performance at all levels

Top System Maintenance & Support

System Maintenance & Support

The next step after IT Implementation, we also provide workshops which are supported by experienced technicians who can make repair and maintain computers and their pheripherals. We also provide delivery service and backup tools (upon availability). The Triusaha Systems Support team is highly capable in-site survey, system installation, system operation and maintenance services as well as on-site support services.